Excavation & Drainage

At Great Yard Landscaping we are able to excavate using machines in some tight areas 750 mm wide if need be and or by hand if the areas are even tighter than this – we specialise in small to medium excavation and landscape demolition projects.

For projects that need more than a skid steer loader for excavation, we will engage sub contractors to to assist us with completing the work.

We care about every project and customer we work for. We pride ourselves in being careful and keeping the job site clean and tidy as we work. This how we leave it at the end of each day and on the completion of work.

All landscaped areas need some form of drainage. Drainage is generally the hidden aspect of landscaping – it is vital that surface and ground water can get away with no damaging impact to the area.

Poor drainage or no drainage has caused retaining walls to collapse, paves and concrete areas to sink and move, houses to stay damp underneath or worse, move and crack.

At Great Yard Landscaping we are able to repair defective drainage systems and install some of the following new systems: pool drainage, drainage pits, strip drains, agg lines, ground pits etc.

Give Great Yard Landscaping a call today for your excavation and drainage needs.