Residential Landscaping

Residential landscaping is our bread and butter work. You will find a wide range of projects spanning the past 12 years that fit into this category.

We specialise in both new work (brand new houses) with a green field approach to the landscaping, as well as renovating existing properties and landscapes.

Think of anything in the garden, courtyard, pool area, driveway, fences and you pretty much have it. We specialise in complex drainage, reshaping the lay of the land, installing retaining walls, storm water drains and water tanks.

Our expertise in the hardscape construction areas includes all types of paving, concreting, brick and block, log, rock, stack stone and sandstone retaining walls, installing edging, paths and steps and other related works like fencing, gates screens, decking etc.

We also cover all forms of soft landscape construction which typically includes installing all soils - fill, under lays and organic garden, installing plants and trees, turf and all types of mulches in garden and lawn areas.

Our expertise also covers extras which can showpiece a landscape project: installing water features, lighting, figurines, pots and other objects.

We also have the expertise to install things like irrigation systems which can be run automatically on programmed timers to make your life easier