Retaining Walls

We have the expertise to construct retaining walls that are guaranteed to not fail – a lot of our work involves demolishing failrd or failing retaining walls and installing new ones.

Some of the common types of retaining walls we may install include:
– timber treated pine sleepers, when building on a budget or where the wall is not going to be seen.
– brick or block which could match the house, be rendered and or be reinforced with steel and core filled with concrete to provide this additional strength.
– stack stone retaining walls can be reasonably attractive and cost effective due to their quicker installation.
– sandstone retaining walls can be very attractive but they do cost a little more to install.
– other block type walls can be installed as well and variations to all of the above can be tailored to your tastes / needs.

At Great Yard Landscaping we are confident we can build a retaining wall that will fit in with your requirements, look good and suit your budget