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Narrow Access Excavation

At Great Yard Escapes we are able to machine excavate or hand excavate in some very tight and narrow accessable areas – we specialise in small to medium excavation and landscape demolition projects

Our small excavator is only 700 mm wide so it can fit in through most gates and door ways to get into most areas that need excavation work done – we have all the necessary attachments like jackhammers, augers and bucket sizes to allow us to be most productive with the machine

We use a kanga loader to transport materials out of the job site this machine is a little wider 800 mm – 1050 mm depending on the wheels and the bucket set up we use  - and if the machine does not fit – then:

we do the job by hand using jack hammers, hand tools, wheelbarrows and or buckets if is very narrow or we have to go through the house etc

At Great Yard eScapes we care about every project and customer we work on and for – we pride ourselves in being careful and keeping the site clean and tidy as we work and that is how we leave it at the end of the day and when the job is completed

With the bigger jobs we use sub – contractors that work with us under our strict guidance to get the work done

Give us a call. We will take the time to provide a fair and accurate quote for your project, or likely cost of the job and look forward to serving you in the future.

And last but not least, Great Yard Escapes is fully insured in all aspects excavation and landscaping work to cover your property throughout the length of the project.