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Landscaping Drainage is a very important part of any landscape project – there is a little say that states: Stuff your drainage stuff your job

Drainage is generally the hidden aspect of landscape and garden work – it is vital that ground or surface water is able to get away so that no damage is done to landscaped areas and projects

Poor or no drainage has caused retaining walls to calapse, paved and concrete areas to sink and move, houses to stay damp underneath or worse move and crack - the problems could be endless

All landscaped areas need some form of drainage whether if is just sloping the ground to allow storm water to be able to run off or combined pit and strip drains around the site to remove storm water

At Great Yard eScapes we are able to repair defective drainage systems if it is possible and new systems which might include installing: pool drainage, drainage pits,  strip drains, agg lines, gravel pits and council approved retention pits

Give us a call. We will take the time to provide a fair and accurate quote for your storm water needs, or likely cost of the job and look forward to solving your drainage needs